Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Sunday, November 22, 2009

YC: Day Twenty One

11/21 Sat - 15 min - Home Practice

Had a lot to do on Sat.
Went and saw Bollywood West perform at the Denver Pavillions, they were fantastic! Pic of me and the fantastic lady Tina below.

Later we went to the Gypsy House Cafe for Basement Bedouins. Another fabulous night, TribalTique Denver showed up in full force (as proven by the picture below)! We all had a fabulous time watching the excellent performances (<3 Janet and Raks Benazir!) and open dancing. All improv all the time! lol!
I'm so thankful for all of the wonderful people who I've met through belly dance, I can't even begin to imagine my life without every single one of you in it! XO!


  1. didn't realize you had a blog until today. Silly Janet. Thanks so much for posting this pic. That was an awesome night! *squishy hugs*

  2. That was a wonderful night! Glad you found the blog! See you soon! Xo.