Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yoga Journal Colorado Conference

Started to look at the yoga journal conference details this morning. I think I'm going to be able to afford one day. Trying to decide what day to do... debates between Thursday intensive or a Friday or Saturday day pass. I wish I could do the full main conference, but that's a wee bit expensive for my budget, plus then I'd have to find somewhere to stay in Estes Park and I doubt that is cheap. Have to have registration in by July 31st... so I have a while, however, it says the day passes are limitted... I have no idea how limitted those may or may not be.

I've never really been to a yoga workshop before so I'm very curious to attend and see how everything is run. In addition to all of the fabulous information I'll get... e! And I'd totally be lying if I didn't say I wasn't looking forward to the vending. Yoga Jewelry... *drool*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

And suddenly you realize... are what you always wanted to be.

(not that that ever means the journey is over ;) )

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Current To Do List

  • Rehearse (check)
  • Costume (probably not happening tonight... unless)
  • green fringe or red fringe? (red... I think)
Doesn't seem like much does it?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Elevation Day 3

Unfortunately (but as was expected) I was dead tired Sunday morning. Got down to Golden about an hour before Kassar's class started and had time to go to the cute coffee shop next door to paprika and get a fabu chai tea.

Kassar's class was delightfully challenging. Definitely took home a lot of concepts to work on... it makes me want a level 2 drills class, with a huge focus on layering. Maybe I can come up with a curriculum for myself and have me and Stef work on it on Fridays... that would be SWEET.

Stayed for the first 20 minutes of Elijah's workshop and while I was very interested in the concepts he was presenting, the smoke from whatever incense he was burning completely turned my stomach and was giving me a headache. Went over to Paprika's and tried to get rid of the feeling and headache. Talked and shopped with Dian a bit. Found a very cute skirt that I ended up getting.

Had lunch at Quizno's and then headed over the the little park that's tucked away on the east side of the welcome street. Took in some sun and went over TF choreography some more. Still wasn't feeling well so I decided to go home and rest up before TF rehearsal. Spent some nice time with Ryan and took off to rehearsal. 3 hours later I crashed in bed. Ryan was nice enough to pull the barrettes, bobby pins and hair ties out of my hair, he knows that if I sleep with all of that in I'll wake up with a headache. *heart*

Elevation Day 2

I spent the morning costuming for TF and hanging with Ryan, as I only had one workshop on Sat. which was Romka's sword workshop. I loved the choreography and once you got it down it was hard not to add the attitude in. LOL! It was unfortunately a very quick 2 hours... I wish it would have been a 3 hour workshop.

Ran down the street with Ryan and stuffed our faces really quick before the show. Cheated on my no pop rule and indulged in a fabulous cherry coke. Ran back to the Buffalo Rose and waited in line with everyone else for the doors to open. Decided I wanted to just have a fun night and decided to forgo the make-up and fancy clothes, totally just wore my workshop clothes. I have to admit I was excited for the show (which was fantastic), but I was even more excited for the open dance. We had SO many awesome improv girls there that night! It made for an amazing open dance. Jen stuck it out with me until they kicked us out.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Elevation Day 1

The Colorado weather decided to dump a spring snowstorm on us this morning. Yuck. Driving was terrible but I planned and made it out to Golden with perfect timing for my first class with Rachel Brice at 8:30AM. Rachel's class was fabulous as always. It gave me some new concepts and ideas to play with and totally wrapped my brain into a pretzel. 3 hours of w00t!

Went and got lunch with Dian at Capital Grill (I think?) Had a lovely talk with her.

Went back to Buffalo Rose for my second workshop. Kassar's fast combinations. The concepts behind the combo's were fairly simple, but the sequencing was amazing. Beautifully simple. I took video footage of everything today for reference. I have given up at notes since I can never decipher my scribble scratch after a workshop.

Went over to Molly's afterwards and hauled ass on TF9 choreography. I feel a bit better now. However, the brain is goo. Thank God for LUNA bars, they got me through the day in one piece. I heart the chai and smores... OMG! NOM!

Must costume... rehearse... costume... rehearse... organize the brain. ja. It's going to be a long couple of weeks. Wouldn't have it any other way though.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New MirRawr!

Tiz fabulous, was cheap and now it's mine! E!

w00t! I'm a happy JoZilla!

Cues and Tattoos

At the beginning of April, Stefanie, Molly and I went to Seattle to perform and attend Cues and Tattoos. A festival dedicated entirely to the improvisational style of tribal belly dance. Troupe Hipnotica put on the festival and it was amazing. Very inspiring and motivating. I can't wait to attend next year!

I hope to add pics to this post later.

Dance Poem

For Some, dance is not just a pastime,
Its an undeniable fact of living,
A blissful slavery of mind, and body and soul.
To rise above the ashes of mediocrity is rare,
Yet the gift of dance is freely handed out to anyone,
Who cares to receive it,
Instantly shattering our daily drudgery.

The path to pursue more than the usual,
More than what is safe and known,
Is wrought with time-sharpened jagged blades that cut deep,
Blocking many from the road to something greater,
Beyond the stunted imagination of their peers.

Within the veins of the few,
Passion fills every sinew with sweet unquenchable purpose,
Calming the fear of those treacherous paths,
Though each slice burns and bleeds,
Still they take each cut,
And wear the scars with pride to signal their choice,
That undying pursuit of greater joy within every step.

~author unknown

(Thank You to Moria for originally posting this on her Tribe)


Dancing has always had its special place in Joanna's heart. After taking a belly dance class with her first instructor Lia Ridley, in the fall of 2005, she instantly became hooked. Taking the grace and Romany style roots that her first teacher Lia instilled in her, Joanna began studying Tribal Improvisational Style with Molly McClellan of TribalTique in the fall of 2006.
After watching the Shake and Bake students practice their improv skills and seeing the undying group support for whoever took the lead, Joanna was inspired to push her dance to the next level. She was accepted into upper level classes and started performing with TribalTique's Denver Chapter regularly. Joanna started taking an interest in helping students learn, and in the Spring of 2008, she became Molly’s Teacher Assistant. She has found it to be a challenging and rewarding experience.
Knowing that she's only touched the tip of the "belly dance iceberg", Joanna attends every available belly dance event and workshop to further hone her craft and skill.
Joanna was invited to become an Assistant Director of TribalTique in the Fall of 2008.