Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Monday, November 30, 2009

YC: Day Twenty Nine

11/29 Sun - 60 min - Candlelight Flow w/ Melissa D. at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

Next time I need to position myself closer to the mirrors and further away from the window... I never broke out into a comfortable sweat which is quite uncomforatable. boo. Had a good practice though :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

YC: Twenty Four to Twenty Eight

11/24 Tues - 15 min - Home Practice

11/25 Wed - 15-20 min - Drills and Conditioning Yoga Warm Up w/ Molly McClellan at 910 Arts on Sante Fe

11/26 Thurs - 15 min - Home Practice

11/27 Fri - 60 min - Hot Power Fusion w/ Melissa at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

11/28 Sat - 15 min - Home Practice

Been running around with my head cut off this week. Hopefully will have time to blog more later.

Monday, November 23, 2009

YC: Day Twenty Three

11/23 Mon - 60 min - C1 w/ Shere at Stapleton CorePowerYoga

I love this teacher, just fanatastic, sweet and cute. I think she said the word yummy 40 times during class! lol! Yay for a wonderful practice! Just about time to head to belly dance class! =) I'm really looking forward to tonight, there's a lovely lady starting shake n' bake, squee!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The First Time I saw the TTDenver Students Dance...

07/15/2006 - Mercury Cafe Open Dance... I distinctly remember wishing I new what on earth I was doing so I could join in that night. I believe I took a workshop with Jennifer S-G. within the next month, because I remember joining in (despite having 2hours worth of education in improv) at Phoenix's next hafla in August or September.
11/21/2009 - And here we are now... I love you guys...

YC: Day Twenty Two

11/22 Sun - 15 min - Home Practice

Had a lovely day with Ryan today, played with the pups, went up to Boulder and meandered about... Ryan bought me the new flyleaf cd and the Owl City cd! Yay for new music! Here's sum puppy pics for you amusement... including proof that Nanook is a pillow! and proof that Niko is... well... is... something or other. lol ;)

YC: Day Twenty One

11/21 Sat - 15 min - Home Practice

Had a lot to do on Sat.
Went and saw Bollywood West perform at the Denver Pavillions, they were fantastic! Pic of me and the fantastic lady Tina below.

Later we went to the Gypsy House Cafe for Basement Bedouins. Another fabulous night, TribalTique Denver showed up in full force (as proven by the picture below)! We all had a fabulous time watching the excellent performances (<3 Janet and Raks Benazir!) and open dancing. All improv all the time! lol!
I'm so thankful for all of the wonderful people who I've met through belly dance, I can't even begin to imagine my life without every single one of you in it! XO!

Friday, November 20, 2009

YC: Day Twenty

11/20 Fri - 60 min - Hot Power Fusion w/ Julie B. at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

Stefanie came with me today and she loved the class! I think we're going to start doing this every Friday together which makes me very happy.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

YC: Day Nineteen

11/19 Thurs - 60 min - Hot Power Fusion w/ Venus at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

I finally held side plank on each side for five full seconds. My shoulders are getting stronger! Woohoo! I also came to the decision today that I do definitely at some point want to do teacher training and something at some point will push me into it, but for now I really just want to immerse myself in my practice. I'm feeling quite wonderful. And I want to continue going to yoga six days a week after this... we'll see how finances pan out though; especially with the busy season for belly dance practically right on top of me.

Time to go get some grub then off to see New Moon with Molly!

YC: Day Eighteen

11/18 Wed - 15-20 min - Drills and Conditioning Yoga Warm Up w/ Molly McClellan at 910 Arts on Sante Fe

Had a pretty energetic night last night; everyone in class was in a good mood and we just had a ton of fun rehearsing for the Holiday Hafla. My knee gave out during open dance which was a little scary but it recovered quickly and wasn't a huge issue.

Lots of things are changing it seems this year... whether people want them to or not.
And the wheel keeps on turning...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

YC: Day Seventeen

11/17 Tues - 60 min - C1 w/ Neill at Stapleton CorePowerYoga

My back feels different... yes it sounds weird, but it's not in a bad way (I hope; I do pride myself on the body awareness I do have). Just different, put a load of fantastic China Gel on it before I went to sleep last night, fabulous stuff that, I love the smell.

Class today went well... I love the feel of this specific class, the instructor really has a knack for getting everyone in the present moment... you can feel it in the class. *le heart*

Preparing to gear up for the busy belly dance season (yes there is a "belly dance season"). The spring is always full up with things to do. Specifically... Cues and Tattoos and Tribal Fest 10, both of which I'll be taking classes and performing at. Hopefully I'll learn a bit more about sewing and putting together a costume with out screwing anything up this year. *crosses bits*

La Dee Da!

YC: Day Sixteen

11/16 Mon - 60 min - Yoga Flow w/ Molly McClellan at Motion En Fuego

Another good practice yesterday. Only did three hours of yoga/dance instead of four. It definitely helped, I was at least still alive at the end of the night, compared to the last two Mondays.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Immi Immi Immi

I'm on a video watching spree! Been watching Immi's (Imogen Heap's) vBlog on youtube; linked for instant gratification.

Perhaps one of these days I'll get up the two performances I'm in, dancing to her song Hide and Seek. One was with Stefanie at Roast earlier in the year and the other was with Molly at the Boulder Creek festival (they both are fantastic). All of a sudden I'm itching to re-watch those again... hmmm... YES.

Lots of exciting things happenning this week in addition to yoga every single day. Hopefully I will not be a sillyhead and forget my camera (like I usually do).

Time to head off to class! xo!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

YC: Day Fifteen

11/15 Sun - 60 min - Candlelight Flow w/ Melissa D. at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

That class was fantastic. Le Heart! I'm noticing quite the change in my yoga practice... I just feel stronger and more confident in everything I'm doing. It's wonderful. Nicole asked me last night what I plan on doing after November is over... and I don't know. Something to consider.

Had a lovely day, created the new look for my blog here, read a bit and worked on the music plan for Cues and Tattoos in late March. It's going to be a ton of fun!

Time for a new look!

Just gave my blog here a new look! What do you think?

This is the first time in years I've played with image editing of any variety. I'm pleased; especially with the banner. Hope you like it too!
xo ~Joanna

YC: Day Fourteen

11/14 Sat - 60 min - C1 w/ Sherry K. at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

Had an okay class today... my body is really just exhausted (*debates what to do*).

Aside from that I went to the Imogen Heap Concert at the Fox Theater tonight in Boulder despite the ridiculous weather and am so glad I did. Intoxicatingly Beautiful. Had a lovely night with Ryan and Nicole which made it even better. Here's a few images of her for your viewing pleasure. She'll be back in April too, which I can't wait for!

Friday, November 13, 2009

YC: Day Thirteen

11/13 Fri - 60 min - Hot Power Fusion w/ Melissa at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

Today was a very emotional class. Laughed. Cried. Loved.

Going to go see face tonight with Ryan, I'm excited!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

YC: Day Twelve

11/12 Thurs - 60 min - C1 w/ Stephanie at Stapleton CorePowerYoga

I didn't have a bad class today... but it was restless. My mind refused to let go. =/
A Hot Power Fusion today would have done me good... but oh well. I'll go for that tomorrow. Some days are better that others, at least I made it to my mat.

YC: Day Eleven

11/11 Wed - 15-20 min - Drills and Conditioning Yoga Warm Up w/ Molly McClellan at 910 Arts on Sante Fe

Despite being exhausted last night... my body felt strong and wanted to go as deep as I could into my down dogs and up dogs. Lovely feelings. Yay for the power of cinnamon rolls! (yeah I had a slip on that whole healthy eating choices thing)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

YC: Day Ten

11/10 Tues - 60 min - Hot Power Fusion w/ Venus at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

Bliss. Contentment.

I officially love hot power fusion.
It brings my crazy mind into focus which is amazing and fantastic.

Time for a shower, dinner, and snuggling with the boy.

YC: Day Nine

11/09 Mon - 60 min - Yoga Flow w/ Molly McClellan at Motion En Fuego

Yesterday was an exhausting day. Went to Lia's class, then yoga and then 2 more hours of dance. Not as exhausting as last Monday when I subbed for Lia's class... but still exhausting nonetheless.

As far as yoga goes though I'm definitely seeing improvement in a few different poses. The most exciting one is crow. I've always sworn I have an abnormally high amount of nerve endings (aka I have a ridiculously low pain tolerance). So when you ask me to stick my knees on the backs of my triceps, they just scream in pain. It's been getting better though which is exciting =)
Last night is the closest I've ever gotten to it. Lunges are getting deeper too...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

YC: Day Eight

11/08 Sun - 60 min - C1 w/ Lisa at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

Had a decent practice... good focus. I felt bad in the beginning though...
I was so tired I kept yawning, oops. More later!

YC: Day Seven

11/07 Sat - 10 min - Home Practice

My original plan was to go to CPY at 1pm for a C1.
Plans changed though and I decided to stay and help Ryan with yard work over at Gary's. Came home exhausted and stetched, did a few downward dogs and called it a night.

Friday, November 6, 2009

YC: Day Six

11/06 Fri - 60 min - C2 w/ Lauren at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

Wasn't my best practice. My body really just wanted rest today.
Going to go rest and relax now...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

YC: Day Five

11/05 Thurs - 60 min - Yoga Sculpt w/ Kacey at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

I broke down and got a month unlimitted at CPY... now I just have to use the heck out of it and I'll feel good and justified. I'm excited I'm going to try a ton of different teachers and classes.

Obviously tried the Yoga Sculpt this morning and I don't think it's what I'm really looking for... I've never really been into aerobics and while it was definitely amusing to be doing yoga aerobics with weights, I don't think it's my thing. I want more flow and less repetition. I go to yoga to slow my brain down not speed it up even more. Not persoally for me... I did really like the teacher though, she made it fun.

YC: Day Four

11/04 Wed - 15-20 min - Drills and Conditioning Yoga Warm Up w/ Molly McClellan at 910 Arts on Sante Fe

Joy... Reflecting on Dance


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yoga Challenge: Day Three

11/03 Tues - 60 min - C1 w/ Neill at Stapleton CorePowerYoga

I felt rather horrible and tired this morning.
fancy this... yoga helped.
Hardest part of yoga is getting to your mat, hands down.

Yoga Challenge Day Two

11/02 Mon - 60 min - Yoga Flow w/ Molly McClellan at Motion En Fuego

Yesterday was an exhausting day...
found out one of my co-workers was let go
substituted for my first teacher Lia's class
hour of yoga
2 more additional hours of dance classes
the time change

I slept very well last night.

Going to go try a new teacher today for yoga.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yoga Challenge (Take Two): Day One

I get a little bit of a break and I take a big one.

We just got a big snow storm in Denver this past week starting Wednesday morning and accumulating almost two feet at my house. The roads were awful so Molly and I decided to cancel class. I got out of work early that day came home and slept and slept. Needless to say today is the first day that I've done yoga since Tuesday.

I've had a fabulous wonderful break... I can't believe how much I have slept this weekend, I've taken countless naps and have had no problems sleeping a full nights sleep.

11/01 Sun - 60 min - C1 w/ Lisa at Ken Caryl CorePowerYoga

Yoga was LOVELY... I was extremely sore from running amok this weekend. AND! Ron and Andie came! We went out to eat at Imperial Garden afterwards, I got Strawberry Chicken and split steamed dumplings with Ryan. YUM.

Back to work tomorrow... at least I'm well rested. And then there's also the time change! W00t!

First Day at the new studio tomorrow... and I'm also teaching Lia's class before that. Two new experiences in one day, should be fun.