Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few new Tribal Fest 10 pictures

The Truth about well rounded dancers...

I follow Heather Sara via her blog, and today she posted an interesting article that I'm re-posting here.

Heather's Original Blog

Original Dance Article

The Three things you need to be well rounded according to said article:

Exposure = Watching a variety of dancers, styles, and performances; Making contact with other students and professionals; Reading about dance or dance artists

Experience = Getting a taste of alternative ways of moving and patterning dance; Learning a dance; Participating in a performance; Working with master teachers or choreographers;

Training = Engaging in a course of study that prepares a dancer for the physical, cognitive, and mental requirements of codified dance forms/techniques; specialized practice and instruction over a period of time

What are you lacking or what do you have to much of in your dancing life?

What I believe I need currently:
-A more structured and diligent personal practice (File under Training)
-Learning different ways of movement, not just limited to dance, rock climbing and hooping are next on my to do list (File under Experience)
-Less youtube (File under Exposure)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Elephant Workshop Grand Opening Vids!

Much to my delight I just found out that Miss Megan took video footage of us at the grand opening! And here it is for you to enjoy! xo.

Part One!

Part Two!

Monday, July 19, 2010

yoga and crow pose

Made it to yoga yesterday for the first time in 2 or 3 weeks. It was fabulous and happy making.
Ryan went with and kept me company... I hate doing yoga in a classroom of people I don't know.

I know I shouldn't be but I'm very jealous of Ryan's crow pose. I've always had a mental block about balancing on my hands, 3 or so months ago I just about got it, but my knees slipped off of my arm and slammed into the floor, my right one taking most of the brunt and it hurt and bruised up for a while. Knee pain whilst belly dancing sucks. So there's that and all of the broken mirrors at CorePower that I've seen from balancing poses that decided not to balance... LOL. I'm also worried sick I'll hurt someone next to me in class.

*note to self, park it in the middle of the class room with hopefully not too many people around you so you'll stop making up excuses for why you can't get into this pose, how many years have you been doing yoga? Yeah, I need to stop making excuses. *sigh*

Post Red Elephant Grand Opening

Molly and I all happy post-performance

The grand opening for the Red Elephant Workshop was definite a success in my book. There will be more pictures eventually on Facebook and possibly here.

All the girls arrived around 6:30ish, putzed around, putting on the last bit of makeup and bindi's. Lot's of giggling and stories from the week, drooling over Julia's goodies and greeting the first of family, friends and belly girls who showed up once doors opened.

Miss Kelly Durst of Hoopin Hips will start teaching on Tuesdays in August. She had an awesome performance and mini lesson. One of our belly girls was a total natural at it!

Then we had our performance at 8:30pm and we rocked it. I love my dance girls!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

TribalTique Denver's Cues and Tattoos Video!

It's Up! Enjoy!

BDay Dance Party

This past Friday was my actual BDay. I had a ton of belly friends to the studio for dance, booze and good times. It seemed to work out pretty well. I'm not one to throw parties typically... twas rather weird. More pictures are on facebook.

In the days ahead the TTDenver girls are preparing for the REW Grand Opening, First Fridays at OM Time and the Belly Hafla.

There's a lot of work to be done!