Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Next Performance to get ready for...

July 11th we'll be at the mercury cafe
all deets here: TribalTique

I won't be dancing with the Denver girls which does tear at me a bit
esp since the costume they'll be wearing is one I've been dying to wear since I started taking classes with TT

We'll be pulling out the Tribal Fest number for anyone who wants to see it live
and Molly and I will be doing a duet =)

Starting to prepare for Phoenix's hafla in August as well.
We've got something awesome cooking for it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend accomplished with no complications! w00t!

The "Summer Spectacular" went smoothly...
-scooped up everyone except Dian and headed up to FOCO
-Met everyone at the stage which was easy to find once I found out it was right next to the Ben and Jerry's.
-Had two fairly seamless sets, tons of pictures were taken... I have yet to see them though
-Ryan took video footage of the first set and relaxed and watched the second, Don't know if they'll make it to youtube or not... we'll see.

Just have to teach two classes tonight, which I'm not too worried about. I'm prepared.
It's gonna be fun, per usual.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Looking at the next 6 months...

It is booked fairly solid with performances and preparing for them (coming up with new choreography, solidifying move lists, costuming and practicing!). Before I know it we'll be preparing for Tribal Fest again. Whew!

Taking a bite size... I'm going to focus on getting through this next week.
-Wednesday, work, Class/dress rehearsal
-Thursday, work, Class in Golden
-Friday Practice with Stef
-Saturday Carpool to and perform in Fort Collins
-Sunday Review Monday's class curriculum and go to sister in laws for fathers day
-Monday work, teach two classes
-Tuesday work, go home and crash

big breath... and plunge.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Busy Lady

-Danced at Bolder Boulder on memorial day (05/25)
-Modeled at the Belly Dance Swap (05/30)

-this week 2 extra rehearsals to prep for People's Fair
-06/06 People's Fair 6:45PM deets at
-06/20 Summer Spectacular in FOCO

"What is this free time you speak of? I am curious."