Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well... I do have to buy some elastic for the waistband... but that's it!
Sewing last night didn't take near as long as I thought it would!

I'm dying to post pictures of it... but it must be a surprise until after we perform Friday, May 14th, 2010 from 7:10PM - 7:23PM!

12 days till we leave!

Now that that's done I can put even more time into rehearsing. There's a part of the choreography that still makes me nervous... time to iron it flat.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A wonderful night off...

After last night this is how costuming looks...
(yes my life is totally revolving around this costume currently ;-) )

Tribal Fest costuming update:
-Headdress: DONE!
-Belt: DONE!
-Bra: Covered! Working on embellishments.
-Pants: Smidge of hand stitching left and add the eyes
-Scarf: DONE!

Had a lovely uninterrupted practice last night, ran the Tribal Fest number for about 30 minutes then worked on my solo for about 30 more. Happy making. So happy making.

Actually made a home cooked dinner for Ryan and I which turned out pretty good. Made a Spicy Chicken Broil... I had never broiled anything before, I think it turned out pretty good!

By the time we were done with Dinner it was 8:30pm, decided to just work on costuming for an hour and call it good. I brought my bra with me to work; the plan is to attack it on my lunch break!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Two weeks till Tribal Fest 10

Tribal Fest costuming update:
-Headdress: Definitely want and need to switch around bangles so they stop attacking my eyes
-Belt: DONE!
-Bra: Covered! Working on embellishments.
-Pants: Just need to hand sew a couple parts and add the eyes
-Scarf: DONE!

My goal for tonight is to completely finish the headdress and pants, I'll work on the bra if I have extra time and the inclination. Two week till we head out for CA... count 'em TWO! I can't believe how quickly it's coming up.

Then there's the though that this Thursday morning I'll be in class with the ever lovely Rachel Brice. I'm excited to take a class from her again, I love her teaching style.

It's pretty much official... I'll be doing a solo at People's Fair this year. *BREATHE*
It's something I definitely want to do, despite being petrified. Solo's are something I've been interested in working on since I did my first solo as an advanced dancer about a year ago... it's so much different than performing with a group. Having to command the stage all by yourself is... (to put it lightly) exhausting. Yesterday I came up with a BRILLIANT intro for a solo... but it will not happen at PF, perhaps the holiday hafla if it's appropriate (no I'm not telling you what it is ;) ).

After much debate I'm going to take a month off from Monday classes. I'm in desperate need of some time off. Burn out: Let me show you it.

Plan for my free time tonight:
-Make Dinner!
-Costume: Finish Pants and Headdress
-Run TF piece 5x
-Mull over solo, get a good feel for the song and what I want to do with it
-Perhaps attack my bathrooms if I accomplish the above things faster than expected.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Productivity is down... for now.

Tribal Fest costuming update:
-Headdress: DONE! Though I may switch the dangles around a bit if I have time
-Belt: DONE!
-Bra: Covered! Working on embellishments.
-Pants: Fabric Bought. Just need to cut and sew it all together.
-Scarflet: have supplies just need to borrow Molly's serger this weekend.

The Red Elephant Workshop is complete and ready for classes. First one is tomorrow night! There are a few minor decorating bits that will need to be added but the bulk is done with huge thanks to Molly's dad Dennis. We owe him a million and one thank you cards. The time and effort he put into the studio shows, it's beautiful. Take a peek at the new pics here. Super squee!

Elevation is coming up next weekend. I can't wait to take all of the classes with Miss Rachel Brice, Awalim and Unmata. It'll be a nice intensive right before Tribal Fest, lol!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Red Elephant Workshop Webby is up!

Shopping Recommendation

I just found out that the lovely couple I bought my belt from in Seattle has an etsy store!
Check it out!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seattle Trip In Pictures

fyi... these pics really aren't in order of occurrence.
Our performance at the gala show!
Best Taffy Evar! It can be found in CO but it tastes so much better if you can buy it somewhere with humidity.

Me and Stef's Efalent tattoos!
Champagne Day 5!

My efalent just after he was done!
Getting efalent...
Champagne Day 4!
Space Needle taken with camera phone... I like the effect.
Champagne Day 3!

Dicks is a QUICK hamburger place... but can you see why we were amused? ;-)
Belt I happened upon, tried on and never took off till I got safely back in CO, lol!

Silly Jo.

Silly Stef.

Very silly Molly.

Stef in Fluevog Sexyness that she should have bought.

My fluevog sexyness I did buy!

Zombie bear!

Champagne Day 2!

Pretty lil tree...


Bathrooms in Pike Place Market

View near Pike Place Market

Miss Red Fun!

Our seafood spread!

Crafts of yummy yum!

Me loving watery wet things and pretending I'm a photographer

Preparing to attack the fluevog store...

Oh the green goodness...

Champagne Day 1!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Productive like 'whoa' weekend

On the Tribal Fest costuming front:
-Headdress: DONE! Almost... just need to put 2 globs of glue on and about 8 rhinestones!
-Belt: ALMOST DONE! just a bit more hand sewing to do! and create two more medallions
-Bra: need to cover and embelish
-Pants: need to buy fabric and sew, sew, sew...
-Scarflet: have supplies just need to steal Molly's serger

whew! Let's see if I can be just as productive this week!

Friday, April 9, 2010

New look for the blog...

I get bored easily, what can I say?
What do you all think?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coloardo weather...

...please stay stable for one week so that this silly cold will go away, kthxbai.

In other news the Red Elephant Workshop webby is up! Go check it out and comment on the blog/post! The flooring is the next big step for the upcoming week/weekend. Tools have been prepped and are ready to go... now we just need to pick up our fabulous handy man at the airport tonight.

Time to hunker down on TF costuming now that Cues and Tattoos is over. I'm going to attack it this Friday; game plan looks like this:
-Headdress first (need finish asap so I can practice with it and get used to it)
-Belt (a ton of handsewing needs to be done and it will be the most time consuming)
-Bra (waiting on a few minor supplies, but I can start the groundwork)
-Pants (need to go to Joann's and find pretty emeraldy fabric)
-Scarflet (fabric bought, just need to find the trim)

now back to your regularly scheduled work week.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Jill passed her MAC Cert with flying colors!!!

In sad land news... Miss M is sick... I will be subbing tonight as well as Wednesday night.

The Red Elephant Workshop barn raisin was this past saturday and it was a huge success!
Pics of new studio are being uploaded here:
as well as some sporadic ones on my facebook mobile uploads album. Check em out!
Website should be up this week! E!
Time fer lunch naow!