Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

YC: Day Seventeen

11/17 Tues - 60 min - C1 w/ Neill at Stapleton CorePowerYoga

My back feels different... yes it sounds weird, but it's not in a bad way (I hope; I do pride myself on the body awareness I do have). Just different, put a load of fantastic China Gel on it before I went to sleep last night, fabulous stuff that, I love the smell.

Class today went well... I love the feel of this specific class, the instructor really has a knack for getting everyone in the present moment... you can feel it in the class. *le heart*

Preparing to gear up for the busy belly dance season (yes there is a "belly dance season"). The spring is always full up with things to do. Specifically... Cues and Tattoos and Tribal Fest 10, both of which I'll be taking classes and performing at. Hopefully I'll learn a bit more about sewing and putting together a costume with out screwing anything up this year. *crosses bits*

La Dee Da!

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