Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Monday, April 20, 2009

Elevation Day 3

Unfortunately (but as was expected) I was dead tired Sunday morning. Got down to Golden about an hour before Kassar's class started and had time to go to the cute coffee shop next door to paprika and get a fabu chai tea.

Kassar's class was delightfully challenging. Definitely took home a lot of concepts to work on... it makes me want a level 2 drills class, with a huge focus on layering. Maybe I can come up with a curriculum for myself and have me and Stef work on it on Fridays... that would be SWEET.

Stayed for the first 20 minutes of Elijah's workshop and while I was very interested in the concepts he was presenting, the smoke from whatever incense he was burning completely turned my stomach and was giving me a headache. Went over to Paprika's and tried to get rid of the feeling and headache. Talked and shopped with Dian a bit. Found a very cute skirt that I ended up getting.

Had lunch at Quizno's and then headed over the the little park that's tucked away on the east side of the welcome street. Took in some sun and went over TF choreography some more. Still wasn't feeling well so I decided to go home and rest up before TF rehearsal. Spent some nice time with Ryan and took off to rehearsal. 3 hours later I crashed in bed. Ryan was nice enough to pull the barrettes, bobby pins and hair ties out of my hair, he knows that if I sleep with all of that in I'll wake up with a headache. *heart*

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