Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Monday, April 20, 2009

Elevation Day 2

I spent the morning costuming for TF and hanging with Ryan, as I only had one workshop on Sat. which was Romka's sword workshop. I loved the choreography and once you got it down it was hard not to add the attitude in. LOL! It was unfortunately a very quick 2 hours... I wish it would have been a 3 hour workshop.

Ran down the street with Ryan and stuffed our faces really quick before the show. Cheated on my no pop rule and indulged in a fabulous cherry coke. Ran back to the Buffalo Rose and waited in line with everyone else for the doors to open. Decided I wanted to just have a fun night and decided to forgo the make-up and fancy clothes, totally just wore my workshop clothes. I have to admit I was excited for the show (which was fantastic), but I was even more excited for the open dance. We had SO many awesome improv girls there that night! It made for an amazing open dance. Jen stuck it out with me until they kicked us out.

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