Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Monday, October 31, 2011

PROJECT: Complete Dance Room - Part Two

Much has been done in the past week... the floor has been finished, baseboards re-nailed, mirrors hung, curtains restrung, closet doors adjusted and rehung, six years of dance and non-dance stuff sorted, boxed, some donated, some moved back into the dance room, and my new computer monitor hung. Whew! Hannah and I did a photo shoot the week before and she was nice enough to print out a few 8x10 hard copies for me, I'm holding them in the photo below.
My mom and sister were in town and came over for a bit. Angel of course enjoys being the center of attention. My mother had Hannah and I try these coconut covered dates, to me they were edible, to Hannah they were not... lol!
I went thrift shopping for picture frames, Gypsy decides she must inspect them thoroughly before they are hung.

Pictures are hung above the mirror and various other items are put up.

The book case is moved back in and sorted.
I'm having a very very small party this next weekend, a belly dancer's movie night and it also seems it'll be a bit of a ringing in for the new dance room. Part three will be the last post as there's not too much left to be done, just a nice cleaning and then it'll be time to attack the rest of the house that's been neglected for the past few weeks!

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