Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PROJECT: Complete Dance Room - Part Three

Part three of three... the end and the beginning...

The room was fairly done at the end of the last post, but there were a few things left that needed to happen. We start with a silly picture that was taken for a new wonderful friend, Pip, whom I miss dearly.

So... I had a few very special people over to my place for a movie night, and as it turned out a ringing in for the completed dance room. Awesome faces below...
More awesome faces!
And more awesome faces!
Champagne and many bottles of wine were had in addition to many wonderful snacks and a bit o dancing as well of course.
The kittens are quite in love with sliding on the floor in the dance room... and other things.
A few more pictures to round out the decor...
My little learning corner.
Ze Drums...
My pretty lil desk and fantastic rotating computer monitor (a present from my Ryan)
Tapestry, sari, to do/inspiration board and my (perhaps a little in advance) 2012 Mucha calendar.

More bits and pieces will undoubtedly be added in the coming months and years...
Now to fill it with more than material belongings.
We have a practice date tonight.

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