Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Of which there were four things to say...

1) Rachel Brice's 8 Elements was wonderful. I highly recommend it to anyone who even remotely loves belly dance. It caters to every style and is worth every penny. Plus, Portland is a beautiful friendly city. I passed my test and am Phase 1 certified, yip! I can't wait to get my official piece of paper in the mail *bounce*

2) Princess Farhana just posted a lovely little blog on writing in a dance journal and why you should do it. It is always fun to go back and read entries from years ago.

3) Pretty little drilling song that I love.

4) Upcoming performances:
-TribalTique Denver will be performing at Phoenix's Halloween Show on October 22 at 7pm.
-TribalTique Denver and the rest of the company will perform at our 6th Annual Holiday Hafla in Fort Collins at 7pm on November 12th!
-I will be doing a solo at the Divine Gypsies show at Gypsy House on November 19th!

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