Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Cattle... hehehe... watch this vid for the joke. It's freaking hilarious.

ANYWAY... Seattle for reals...

Our flight took off from Denver and we landed in Seattle midday. Procured our room, dropped off luggage and headed out to grab snax and hit the amazing Banya 5. We hot tubbed, steamed and rinsed in stupid cold water for about an hour... I admit I let out a squeak when the cold water hit me, lol. We saw this pretty flower... (::edit:: I have been informed that this flower is an Azalea. In the Rhododendron family.)

Everything was so green... it made my heart ache. Come on Colorado! You can get there, no more of this fire business let's get some rain going. Anywhose... headed off to the University district where we did some shopping, specifically hitting Buddhaful where I found this awesome dress that I am currently kicking myself for not buying. doh. Stef got a verah cute hat.

We met Jennifer & Rosie down at Crab Pot for dinner snacks and they had the most amazing halibut and chips. nom!

Waiting for our table...

The Spread.

Nicole Arrived! We had a lazy morning then took off down to Pike Market via Monorail.

Stopped at the fluevog store and tried on some shoes!
Here's Stef...

And Nicole...

We were famished after all of the hard work of trying on shoes so we headed to Lowell's where Stef and Nicole flirted our way into a table. The horrible view from said table.

The Spread take two. Molly is unsure what to do with her nasty tomatoes...

So... the guy that they flirted with? Keep him in mind.

Stef all gussied up on the short bus to the Mohai to perform in the instructor show case.

Getting our zombie on... I missed the cue :(

So that cute guy? Oh look there he is at the after party with us. He likes soccer, he plays soccer, he treated Stef like a queen all weekend. I approve. There are plans in the making for him to come out to Denver and go skydiving, jeeping, soccer gaming it and zooing it. wOOt!

Molly has a moment with her Marzipan Piroshky.

We were in workshops All. Day. Long. Teaching one, then taking two. Teaching went quite well if I do say so myself. Troupe Hipnotica's workshop was a blast and then Gypsy Fire's was also fantastic. We got some awesome material from both. There really weren't any pictures unfortunately. A few goodies were bought, Nicole and I went back to the hotel and passed out, Stefanie hung out with cute Seattle guy at the after party, Molly and the gypsy fire girls hung out QUITE a bit. I swear all I heard on Sunday was "So I was talking to Quinn..." If I had a nickel... $5 bucks at least people, $5 bucks.

We had a 9AM workshop. It was a little rough getting up that early. But we did it, had another great group of girls, had a great response. Stef and I hung out and watched a few performances whilst Molly was in her Troupe Hipnotica workshop, did some more shopping. When Molly got done we said our good byes (since we didn't think we'd make it back later) and took off back down to pike for some lunch at (take a guess)... Lowell's! Cute Seattle boy and his co-worker procured us some amazing cocktails and fish. Afterward Molly wanted to go by Top Pot Dougnuts for coffee and well doughnuts... we're silly.

There was shenaniganry down the roadside...

Stefanie had never seen the muppets Manamana. We enlightened her and serenaded her that day with it.
There was a Daniel Tosh spree... whilst I was outside talking to Ryan for 45 minutes or so.

Hung out with cute Seattle boy and his coworker at the hotel later and then passed out. Fitfully in my case....

The fifull night of sleep was awful and henceforth required a baileys and coffee in the morning.
Flew back uneventfully and safely.

Fin. Can we do it again? Kthxbai. xo~

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