Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Henna, Dance Room Deux and Trunk Deux!

The lovely miss Tina came over to my house this past weekend to do my wedding henna! It was quite the relaxing and centering experience. Me and Ryan's wedding reception was the following night and it was a ton of fun, unfortunately very few pictures have surfaced from it.
My wedding henna (palms)

Stef's Bridesmaid henna

My wedding henna, feet and palms

My wedding henna, tops of hands

Dance Room Deux! Shelves are painted and added back into  the closet as well as the hanging bar.

All the things that need to fit into the above closet

Almost everything put away! She's slowly coming together.

Trunk Deux Lady. I found this trunk almost exactly a week after the first, put out with the trash.

Trunk Deux Little Lady

Trunk Duex Front

OG Trunk and Trunk Deux getting cleaned up! I still can't believe these trunks were destined for a landfill.

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