Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shimmy Shack Aftermath

TribalTique Denver's Shimmy Shack student salon was a huge success!
We had six of us for the performance.
Molly got to just sit and enjoy a beer and also let us use the beautiful Red Elephant Workshop.
Miss Fernanda was a HUGE help and manned the door for us and took a zillion pictures!

And then we went a little crazy like we do.
Chasin' Wild Women... (sorry inside joke!)

The ever lovely Desert Rain came and performed!

Tribe Nawaar also made the trip down from Boulder and left everyone speechless with their graceful and fabulous improv-tribal!

Dancers milling about the door trying to get a glimpse of the performances.
We had a packed house and there was no room for us in the main room!

Me thanking everyone for coming at the end.

Hula Hoops were brought out afterwards!

Moar belly dancers hoopin!

We had a lovely night... makes me want to do another one of these casual performances soon.
(Hopefully I will get pictures of the other fabulous performers we had last night soon for posting)
Thank You to everyone who came, performed, supported and helped out!

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