Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Monday, April 26, 2010

Two weeks till Tribal Fest 10

Tribal Fest costuming update:
-Headdress: Definitely want and need to switch around bangles so they stop attacking my eyes
-Belt: DONE!
-Bra: Covered! Working on embellishments.
-Pants: Just need to hand sew a couple parts and add the eyes
-Scarf: DONE!

My goal for tonight is to completely finish the headdress and pants, I'll work on the bra if I have extra time and the inclination. Two week till we head out for CA... count 'em TWO! I can't believe how quickly it's coming up.

Then there's the though that this Thursday morning I'll be in class with the ever lovely Rachel Brice. I'm excited to take a class from her again, I love her teaching style.

It's pretty much official... I'll be doing a solo at People's Fair this year. *BREATHE*
It's something I definitely want to do, despite being petrified. Solo's are something I've been interested in working on since I did my first solo as an advanced dancer about a year ago... it's so much different than performing with a group. Having to command the stage all by yourself is... (to put it lightly) exhausting. Yesterday I came up with a BRILLIANT intro for a solo... but it will not happen at PF, perhaps the holiday hafla if it's appropriate (no I'm not telling you what it is ;) ).

After much debate I'm going to take a month off from Monday classes. I'm in desperate need of some time off. Burn out: Let me show you it.

Plan for my free time tonight:
-Make Dinner!
-Costume: Finish Pants and Headdress
-Run TF piece 5x
-Mull over solo, get a good feel for the song and what I want to do with it
-Perhaps attack my bathrooms if I accomplish the above things faster than expected.

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