Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seattle Trip In Pictures

fyi... these pics really aren't in order of occurrence.
Our performance at the gala show!
Best Taffy Evar! It can be found in CO but it tastes so much better if you can buy it somewhere with humidity.

Me and Stef's Efalent tattoos!
Champagne Day 5!

My efalent just after he was done!
Getting efalent...
Champagne Day 4!
Space Needle taken with camera phone... I like the effect.
Champagne Day 3!

Dicks is a QUICK hamburger place... but can you see why we were amused? ;-)
Belt I happened upon, tried on and never took off till I got safely back in CO, lol!

Silly Jo.

Silly Stef.

Very silly Molly.

Stef in Fluevog Sexyness that she should have bought.

My fluevog sexyness I did buy!

Zombie bear!

Champagne Day 2!

Pretty lil tree...


Bathrooms in Pike Place Market

View near Pike Place Market

Miss Red Fun!

Our seafood spread!

Crafts of yummy yum!

Me loving watery wet things and pretending I'm a photographer

Preparing to attack the fluevog store...

Oh the green goodness...

Champagne Day 1!

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  1. Those Fluvogs are kickass! I was posting some on FB this weekend. I want a blue pair with swirlies, but I like the tall ones you got :)