Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Progression Number Two For 2013 - The Tribal Fest Piece

 In the solo pieces I've created thus far I strove for 100% sincerity in emotion. At the begining of this piece the choreography came to me quite quickly and as I started rehearsing emotions came to me that didn't feel like my own and it threw me for a loop but I kept on (with a huge chunk of reassurance from my partner).

The first showing was at the fabulous Spring Florence Show, I love these girls so and it was such a wonderfully supportive environment.

The second showing was at the fantastic Elevation Belly Dance Festival in my home city.

Shortly after Elevation, I found out that a dear friend had cancer. A few days later it clicked in my head who this solo was for and why I was dancing emotions that weren't my own directly.

The third performance was at Tribal Fest 13.

I feel raw and broken open with the need to rest and be with my Colorado girls. Even as I start to plan for July and August's piece... which will have a different strength and attitude to it, by which I mean to say it will have much of those two things; muses willing.

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