Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A new day... and a new project.

Well, let's just get right to it. Life is an upside down mess, but it's lovely and I'm endeavoring to enjoy the ride. As I noted in an earlier post, my father in law unexpectedly passed away on June 13th, 2012. My partner and I are in the midst of dealing with the aftermath of this.

On July 4th, my partner of almost 10 years, Ryan, proposed to me. I collapsed into a ball of tears and said yes, and then cried more when I found out that his father had known his plans before he passed. We went to our local courthouse and tied the knot on July 6th, a whole 4 people knew of the plan including myself and Ryan. My lil sis was our only witness (witnesses not being required in CO) and took beautiful pictures of us afterward. I hear it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day; as ours was not planned in the slightest, I feel it was extraordinarily good luck that we got caught and ended up soaking wet in a down pour just prior to going to the courthouse. We called family and friends after the fact, awkwardly announced the news and have gratefully received nothing but well wishes.

Change is in our midst right now... I've had quite possibly the saddest moment of my life and the happiest within a time period of a month. My yoga practice was almost the only movement I did for 3 weeks. This past Monday, I have been pushing myself (somewhat slowly) back into full force, dancing, drilling costuming and creating a new project that will be showcased first at Kaya and Sadie's Gala show on July 28th and secondly at JamBallahNW on August 17th.
Be well.

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  1. That's a super beautiful story. I wish you and your new husband all the happiness in the world <3