Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sewing, Hooping and Rock Crawling

What a lovely weekend!

Back in July I was gifted a ton of beautiful fabric that I was told would make excellent pantaloons. Well I got the craft bug on Friday and I made them all! I now have 3 sets of pretty purple pantaloons that will be for sale and a black pair that I'm keeping for myself. Picture and descriptions will end up on facebook for these within the next few days. Saturday night I had a hoop date with Stefanie. Ryan and Angel came along too.

Saturday came and I found a couple goodies at the Belly Dance Swap at the DNote. It's always a good time. Got a couple goodies then headed over to Miss Jill's house, snuggled her new kitten Fielder (sp?), hooped, ate yummy things right out of her garden and talked late into the evening with all the girls.

Sunday Ryan and I were supposed to go to Elitches but we really weren't feeling it. Instead we went and picked up Alyssa and headed into the mountains for some rock crawling in the jeep and sporadic climbing bits... mostly I just watched Ryan and Alyssa do the climbing. I'll have to get some lessons in here right quick.

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