Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Monday, June 7, 2010

Post People's Fair

Let's just say we had an AMAZING time performing at People's Fair this year. The girls who are in TribalTique Denver right now just blow me away, we've all grown so much, and we've grown together. Hopefully someone out there got video of it.

We had a chill day of getting our make-up professionally done by one of our best friends at MAC cosmetics, grabbed some food, took it back to the workshop, slowly ate and put ourselves together for the performance.

I love these ladies. We were amazing. If you missed it, you really did miss an amazing show.
(puffs up chest)
the stage manager came back to us afterward and told us that we definitely had the biggest crowd of the day! WIN!

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  1. Hi, Joanna! I'm following your blog now, too!..OMGoddess are you guys GORGEOUS!!!!