Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tribal Fest 10: Picture Dump

Yucky blizzard conditions driving out to Cali, through Wyoming and Utah.

The Cottage Ryan and I shared in Occidental, CA.

Occidental's awesome town map, that was drawn on the side of the building!

Breakfast at Howard's Cafe

Amy Sigil of Unmata kicking our butts during a workshop at Tribal Fest.

Our deer friends that came to graze by the cottage/house every evening.

Hip drop glue gun Molly! Our costumes were quite needy things this year...

Twilight over the vineyards.

A picture in one of the books at the house... it just mesmerized me.

Breakfast near the bay with Ryan...

and Molly!

Molly's friend Herbert.

Korbel lunch!

Pretty Korbel picture.

Showing our true nature...

Ryan and I at Hopmonk post-performance.

Molly modeling at the fashion show post-performance.

Molly rocking it.

Molly rocking it 2.0.

Molly rocking it 3.0.

An old tapestry Ryan and I found hanging at a costume shop in Santa Rose... still pining for it; alas it was not for sale.

Miss Jennifer called me while I was at Tribal Fest to let me know that the picture I had her work on for Molly was done. She restored and framed an old flyer of Molly's from when she was doing solo work in NOLA. It turned out fantastic and is now hanging at REW.

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  1. Looks like amazing energy and fun times! I'll have to head out there again sometime!