Belly Dance Artist

Belly Dance Artist

Sunday, March 7, 2010

to dance just because you can

I can't stop watching this little girl... it was in today's Belly Dance Quickie. If you're not signed up for these daily tidbits you should be, most tend to be rather inspiring and/or thought provoking.

Overall, I'm feeling a bit run down but still chugging along. Had a lovely rehearsal with Molly yesterday. Got a few things broken down so I can practice them on my own correctly!

Dinner at Arada last night for Anne's birthday was a hoot. Lots of fun stories and oh the food and honey wine!

Prepared today for the photo shoot that's this upcoming Thursday. I'm excited for this one, it'll be much less chaotic than the Cheyenne shoot, time to breathe, get to know the photographer and focus on what I'm doing.

Time for dinner with Dad, then yoga, then bath and SLEEP!

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